For the ones whom you care about.

Kentuckiana Storm Shelters and Specialized Construction is where north-central Kentucky and south central Indiana turns when preparing for adverse weather.  Indeed, Louisville-area residents, business owners, mobile home park managers and industrial site operators—who seek shelter from tornadoes, and other dangerous wind conditions—seek-out Dustin Bledsoe and Ronnie Banet for expert installation of ALL WEATHER ™ Safe Rooms and LIFESAVER™ fiberglass underground shelters.

Fiberglass Underground Shelters

LIFESAVER™ Brand Fiberglass Underground Storm Shelter - Cut-Away View

LIFESAVER™ Brand Fiberglass Underground Storm Shelter – Cut-Away View

Our fiberglass underground shelter models are US-made and provide superior protection from rodents, snakes and insects. They are durable, and will remain clean, dry and a strong source of safety from the storms ahead. Unlike concrete shelters and basements, these units are not effected by blasting operations, or building collapses. We sell and install only the best because your life—and that of those of whom you care about—may depend upon it. This line-up of shelters comes in various sizes to meet your plans.

Bledsoe and Banet will arrive at your site with the requisite excavation equipment to install your shelter quickly and in accordance with the factory’s strict guidelines.

All-Steel Safe Rooms

This ALL WEATHER™ Brand Safe Room is located in a garage.

This ALL WEATHER™ Brand Safe Room is located in a garage.

Our welded-frame all-steel safe rooms are built in Illinois, and provide a positive alternative for weather safety to those individuals with mobility challenges. These units have no stairs and can be placed indoors—or outside—to meet your safety needs. Exterior models provide scalable approaches that can protect 100 or more persons in community, commercial and industrial settings.

FEMA and ICC 500 Requirements

You will discover, too, that all of our fiberglass shelters meet or exceed FEMA and ICC 500 Standard Requirements for in-ground shelters. Learn more about FEMA and ICC specifications and our shelters here »